Another new boutique leather artisan will be joining Detroit’s small scale manufacturing scene. Michigan couple Shane and Melissa Douglas recently announced the launch of their handmade leather goods manufacturing business, Douglas & Co. Detroit.

We have yet to see an example of some of the products Douglas and Co will be offering, however the couple will host a preview party from 4 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. November 22 at Nora in Midtown. The public is invited to attend the grand opening event, along with any individuals and stores that may be interested in partnering with the company.

Douglas & Co. Detroit intends on producing premium products such as its Tuck & Sew bag, Executive Card Holders and Designer Clutch. The company also creates small gift items, including keychain holders and coasters. Its designs are completely original and are developed by Shane, a leatherworker who values quality, simplicity and versatility. His Designer Clutches, for example, can also function as a pen holder and a wallet, depending on the user’s preference. “This versatile product is a great option for anyone desiring a soft, well-made leather product,” he said.

In order to focus on fine craftsmanship and high-quality materials, Douglas & Co. Detroit prefers to make products in limited editions. Each product series is limited in quantity, which makes them more distinctive for consumers to own. In addition, each item includes a certificate of authenticity signifying its series number, quantity in that run, and the maker.

Douglas and Co assures us that 100 percent of the manufacturing process takes place locally from start to finish, including the cutting, stitching and packaging.

Often, people find a beautiful product and that is where the experience stops. If they dig deeper than the result of the beautiful product, they will find they can experience the beauty behind the final product, when it is made by human hands.