The Canvas Watch Company is offering a fresh take on watch manufacturing in Detroit. Inspired by crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, Canvas Watch Company allows designers to upload their own watch designs.

If the community-uploaded designs garner enough pre-orders, the watch heads to manufacturing. Each watch design is manufactured in limited-edition runs of 250 pieces.

Designers are compensated for their designs, and Canvas Watch is currently offering $2,500 for to the next designers whose designs head to production.

Anybody interested in jumping into the Detroit watch manufacturing arena can download the Adobe Illustrator template file from the Canvas Watch Company website.

The manufacturing process isn’t the only thing that makes this watch company different. The watch face is actually printed on top of the sapphire crystal, instead of on the actual watch face. This creates a mult-layered effect that is unlike any other watch I have ever seen.

Two designs are currently for sale for $250 at on the Canvas Watch Company website. If you are local you can check the watch out for yourself at the Detroit Made Holiday Pop-Up.