Street artist David “Meggs” Hooke recently visited 1xRun’s Inner State Gallery in Detroit for a recent exhibit and limited 1xRun (one-time run) “Rising Up, Back on the Street.”

The exhibit sold out of both print sizes, A 40 Edition 18″x18″ and a 25 print run of the 36″x36″ edition.

‘Rising Up, Back On The Street’ was one of the largest featured paintings for the show. It was created as my homage and direct reference to the city of Detroit. The tiger, namesake of the Detroit Tigers baseball team for over a century, is a symbol that Detroiters relate to and feel proud ownership of. It was born from the city’s past glory and survived through it’s unfortunate losses. The power of a tiger and its relationship with Detroit now represents a continuing symbol of tenacity & hope for a new era of positive change and re-growth.

As soon as I created the piece I knew that when I painted a mural for the city I wanted to use this image and elaborate on it, focusing more on the Tiger and the words Rise Up, emphasizing the energy and momentum of forward motion and self-empowerment. It was my way of giving back to a city that had welcomed me, inspired me and allowed me to take from it to expand my own work & ideals.

At over 600 sq. ft. [sic], my ‘Rise Up’ mural in Eastern Detroit is my biggest solo mural to date!! The amazing city of Detroit welcomed & inspired me, this was my way to give back. The Tiger has been an iconic symbol of the city and past glory for over a century; it is now a symbol of future hope; to ‘rise up against great odds’.

~ Meggs

The mural appears to have been painted at 6314 Russel St, just up the street from the other large tiger mural. Meggs was in Detroit  exhibiting at Inner State Gallery located in Eastern Market. Inner State Gallery is the gallery location for 1xRun.

1xRUN is the premier online destination for exclusive one of a kind artwork in any and all forms. Working with leading and emerging artists from around the world, 1xRUN is focused on bringing limited-edition time released artwork to collectors across the globe. 

Go check the mural out and share some of your favorite images with us in the comments!

Edit: The mural is actually 6,000 square feet, not 600 as Meggs typed in his original Instagram account. Thanks to Miya for pointing out the correction.