Detroit Treads isn’t actually a company, they are a brand of sandals that are produced by the Cass Community Social Services.

The sandals are made out of recycled tires that have been illegally dumped in vacant lots in Detroit.

Initially Detroit Treads were only available to order via a telephone number that Cass Community Social Services provided, but they have recently made purchases available on their website.

Demand for the sandals is so high, that you can expect an 8 week wait to get a pair. So order up if you plan on giving a pair of Detroit Treads out as stocking stuffers!*

It’s been crazy, crazy, crazy, people are lining up and calling to get them before we can even make them.

~ Cass Community Services Executive Director, Rev. Faith Fowler

Cass Community Social Services also offers several other products made from recycled tires, including mud mats also made out of recycled tires.

To date, Cass Community Social Services has cleaned up over 30,000 tires from vacant lots in Detroit.

* Cass Community Social Services has a warning listed on their website stating that you’ll need to order by today if you want to ensure delivery by the holidays.