Everybody has heard broken glass referred to as “Detroit Diamonds,” but Detroit is actually the source of a real beautiful gemstone: Fordite.

Artisan jewelry designers have discovered the “gem” which isn’t actually a gem at all. Fordite, sometimes referred to as Detroit Agate, or Motor City Agate is actually the name of synthetic byproduct of the automotive industry.


The stones are actually made out of thousands of layers of automobile paint that have accumulated on automotive painting equipment. The resulting rocks are baked enough times to make the material hard enough to be cut and polished.

The result is a beautiful and unique looking multi-layered “gem.”  Fordite is a sustainable alternative to traditionally mined minerals typically found in jewelry.

Just because it was sustainably sourced, doesn’t mean that its renewable. Fordite is a byproduct from a method of automobile painting that is no longer practiced. Now that OEMs have all switched to an automated process of vehicle painting Fordite is no longer being produced.