We got an email letter earlier this week, letting us know that Alex and Kyle, AKA The Floyd Fellas we’re officially announcing the Floyd Utility Kit.

If you remember, we recently spotted glimpses of the kit before it was launched when the Floyd Leg crew set up at Detroit Design Festival.

Now that it’s officially released we know a bit more about how it works and, most importantly, the pricing. It appears that the Floyd Utility Kit is a stronger version of The Floyd Leg’s namesake The Floyd Leg.


The Floyd Utility Kit differs from the original Floyd Legs by attaching the legs together with straps. The straps act as cross braces to provide better structural support than the previous version.

The straps connect to opposite corners and tighten down using a winching mechanism. According to Kyle and Alex the new set is also built out of more robust materials, so it is ready for many more applications.

We set out to create an industrial-grade-super-table-maker that’s still adaptable and mobile. The Floyd Utility Set employs a heavier gauge construction method, paired with a cross-bracing system –– making it ideal for heavy use applications.

A downside to this set is that you can’t use just one or two legs in isolation. For example at Remake Detroit we use a single Floyd Leg to support one of our desks. The other two sides of the surface are affixed directly to the wall. Still it appears the new, sturdier, set is better suited for applications like a Kitchen table or at work.

The new Floyd Utility Kit will set you back a cool $289.00, and the kit comes with:

  • 4 Utility Legs
  • 2 Cross-Bracing Straps
  • 4 Rubber Feet
  • A Carrying Case With Strap

$289.00 is a lot of money, but the build quality on these products is really high. These are made with true forged in Detroit craftsmanship, so they should last an entire lifetime.