My great-grandfather was a grocer, and when he died at over 100 years old. I was amazed by how many people from his past came to his funeral. He took the time to build a relationship with every one of his customers. Relationships that lasted a lifetime, and spanned more than 3 generations.

I thought that things like a personal relationship with your neighborhood grocer had passed. That an intimate experience purchasing my produce meant a trip to Whole Foods instead of Meijer.

All of that was before Parker Street Market.


Heather and I have a Sunday (and sometimes Saturday) morning ritual. We have had it for nearly a year, now. It starts by me dragging her out of bed and down to the car.

From there we make the short 7 minute drive from our place in Rivertown up to West Village, to stop in and see David at Parker Street Market.

Our typical shopping list includes a Drought green juice, two ginger shots, a coldbrew and a unique item from the Parker Street Shelves.

When Parker St Market opened in April 2014 they had only 10 locally produced items on their shelves. Fast forward a year and they are busting at the seams, adding a beer and wine license, over 300 unique items in stock, about 85% of which are made in Michigan, and they pay special attention to products made in Detroit.

All this growth has left them pinched. They no longer have the space needed to showcase all the incredible food goods made in Michigan and Made in Detroit.

In order to accommodate this growth, Parker St needs to expand, and they need your help. Which is why they have recently launched their Indiegogo campaign to help fund their expansion.

If you, like me, envy simpler times where your grocer knows you by name, remembers your family and is willing to stock items you request, Parker Street is perfection. If you long for a more intimate relationship with your food and food suppliers, and if you can spare it, consider making a contribution to help them out.