Heather and I just got back from our “lune de miel” (honeymoon) in the French countryside. We fell in love with all aspects of the French lifestyle; long breakfast, long lunch, long dinner, the cheese, the romance, the decor, I could go on and on.

But one French custom particularly stood out to us. By our 3rd day we knew we needed to adopt it as soon as we returned: the wine pitcher. Most cafés and brasseries offer the option to order wine in 25cl and 50cl “pichets”. We loved it.

To serve pichet de vin at our dinner parties successfully, we knew we needed the perfect vessel. We kept an eye out the whole rest of the trip, and even looked online.

We returned to real life and were nearing despair — where were we going to find the perfect pichet for our fromage parties?

And then we looked on the dining room table. We already owned the perfect pichet!

This ceramic milk jug is my favorite piece from one of my favorite Detroit artisans: Michelle from Adora Bella Ceramics. We just had never thought to use to for something other than flowers! It was the right size, and the milk theme perfectly matched the cheese on the charcuterie plate.

Michelle hand makes these beautiful pieces in her Rivertown studio/loft. The pitcher is approximately 8.5″ tall and 4″x3″ wide and will happily hold over 100cl of wine, beer, or even milk.

The Milk Bottle retails for $50 and is available on Adora Bella Ceramics’ website or though Adora Bella’s retail partners.